Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Desert and the seas were mum
when odyssey commenced                                   
heading for a Serendib, caliphate thought a myth
sandal streaked temple builders, mango orchards and the pearls of sea depth
hasn’t deterred the progeny’s vision on a gem studded land
across the sea lane, in midst of inhospitable mountains, intransigent to conquistadors
who came as competing waves with thunder spitting magic wands
exalted and lived under pearl studded parasols,     
Lo, here comes a new breed of conquistadors
masters in diplomacy and cold even when in fire
to pull the kings to the dust and send the progeny scattering
disguised and disgruntled                                                   
in to the oblivion
But, the new shoot, sprouted blunting debacles
emboldened after an identity quest
in attires of a new millennium
with veins full of warrior blood                      
akin to his forefathers
rode with the desert wind
even in the dawn of a new millennium, he still treks
looking for better pastures
while apportioning the wealth accumulated
As once a Bedouin, is always a Bedouin

- Zeyan Hashim

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